Twitch Unveils “Video Producer” Tools, Gives YouTube a Run for Its Money


In the world of live video marketing, it’s all about loyalty and giving back to those faithful subscribers! After all, they’re the ones watching your stuff!

What does this have to do with Twitch, you ask? — the platform best known for live-streaming video game content and just a sub-par brand below that of the high and mighty YouTube?

Source: Twitch Medium

Twitch Just Released Game-Changing Tools That Allow Creators to Do What YouTube Can’t (Yet)

You can learn about the new “Video Producer” tools here on Twitch’s Medium, where the company details how creators can now develop a landing page for a PREMIERE video with countdown timers. The other Video Producer tool that will obviously be a big hit with Twitch creators and users is the RERUN option. That’s something us video marketers like a lot.

Premiere videos are exactly what they sound like — new videos that will be uploaded and featured, optionally with a landing page a creator can set up for subscribers to access, essentially building up the hype, especially with the classic countdown timer that ensures that viewers know exactly when to tune in — versus tuning in days before or after upload.

And the ultimate point of it all? More viewers before, during, and after the live broadcast, enabling creators to build up a loyalty basis and not a “binge” basis. (Be honest: you’ve binge-watched just about every DEATH BATTLE video on YouTube….)

Here’s the interesting thing about the model Twitch is going with: It doesn’t make videos much easier for people to discover, but it does make videos that much more accessible to current subscribers — hence why these tools make it more about loyalty rather than productivity. This model isn’t so much about gaining an audience — it’s about retaining your current valuable audience.

Source: TwitchCon Twitter

Giving Creators “More Control Over Their Path to Success”

That’s what Twitch claims the new tools were made for, and its streaming platform does that by allowing current subscribers the ability to actually discover a new video, basically, without having to find out if there is a new video uploaded on a particular, say, YouTube channel — which would already have upteen-million-thousand uploads.

Can you say saturated? S-A-T-U-R-A- Ted.

In other words, Twitch isn’t ‘dumping’ videos into the laps of subscribers. The platform’s branding them even before you get to see them. Interesting focus.

Time, of course, will tell whether or not Twitch’s new model and video producer tools will retain audiences or produce greater profit.

One thing’s for sure.

Twitch isn’t shy about showing that it’s not YouTube and that it’s purely invested in the creator-audience relationship… as opposed to being invested in the the next cat-light-saber video.

Interested in adding Twitch to your live video toolbox and step up your streaming game, but not sure where to start?

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